Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ready for 4th of July?

July 4th is less than 1 week away! I have 6 of these 4th of July hairbows ready to go! Only $5 each! Email me if you would like to get one! hilary at paintbakeandcreate@gmail.com

There are 2 options available: the red flag hairbow & the blue stars hairbow
Here is Maggie Claire modeling one of the blue stars hairbows!
Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

new custom items!

This past week I have been a busy painting lady!

I made this sweet hairbow holder for my precious friend Lindsay who was surprised that she had a girl! {They waited to find out what they were having... after she has had 3 boys in a row!} What a sweet shower this was to go to. It was a sip and see after she had the baby, and everyone got to meet her sweet Catherine Glory! She loved the hairbows and the holder to match her room! This is her opening the gift! :)
This next painting was painted for my awesome friend/mentor/parenting class teacher who is due to have Samuel any day now! I did it to match his bedding the Mod Pod Pop Monkey crib set that will be in his room. I thought it turned out super cute with the little "chubby monkey" on it!
This next painting is for a girl who is getting married this fall and wants to use this in her wedding pictures. How cute is this idea?!?! I can't wait to see the pictures from her big day with them holding this painting!
This last one was painted for one of my friend's at Seacoast who is expecting her third girl named Garland. What a beautiful unique name! This painting is done to match her Dena Happi Tree Line crib bedding with the adorable owls on it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

minnie mouse love

On our recent adventures to Magic Kingdom in Disney World, I came up with a cute minnie mouse hairbow. I've seen them before, so I figured I would make my own for Maggie Claire to fashion while we were there! We had the best time!
This adorable minnie mouse hairbow is made out of grosgrain ribbon, and a lined alligator clip. Atop minnie's ears is a sweet little bow with a little bit of bling. This clip really is fabulous! The colors are interchangeable, and I can also do red polka dot ribbon! :)
If you would like a minnie mouse hair clippie, you can email paintbakeandcreate@gmail.com they are $8 or 2 for $12 & super cute! We even got a few compliments while we were there! :)

Also, check out my Disney Princess hairbows by clicking here or visiting the "princess hairbows" tab at the top of the page!

Let the magical memories begin!