Monday, August 15, 2011

sweet baby girl name canvas with bow

I did this adoption canvas a year and a half ago for a sweet gal who worked at our church, Amy. They took a picture with it and surprised their family and friends announcing they were going to adopt! Exciting huh? the story just gets better...
A lot of you might know her from following her blog over here. She is so sweet and has a great blog, and she is a great photographer! After a long journey, her and her husband adopted a sweet girl a couple of months ago! I just had to make something for her to go in her new room. Here is there family picture. Annie Rice just turned 1 year old in July.
This is her new canvas with Annie Rice's name on it, with a cute pink and green bow! I loved how it turned out with the color combination, these are all my favorite colors. I picked Psalm 139:14 as the verse, which fits perfectly for her sweet Annie Rice!
I have other name canvases available under the "name canvas" tab at the top of the blog! :)
Have a fabulous Monday! :)