Monday, November 23, 2009

Princess Hairbow Collection

I would like to introduce the Princess collection!
If you would like to order one for your little Princess, just email me
These are great Christmas presents & stocking stuffers!!!
Tinkerbell is a personal favorite of mine, and her wings are covered in Pixie Dust! $8
Belle's beautiful sideswept hair really stands out with her golden headband & gloves! $8
Snow White is ready to be worn with her colorful dress and her red bow headband with the diamond on top! $8
Princess Aurora has beautiful golden curls in her pink dress with diamonds on it! $8
Dorothy is dressed in her gingham blue dress with her sparkling red slippers carrying her basket! SHe also has her curly pigtails with bows tied in them! $10
Cinderella is ready for the ball in her blue dress with sparkling diamonds on it! Her hair is in a bun with a blue headband, and she also has diamond earrings! $8

Thursday, November 5, 2009

new inventory

Here is my latest inventory of hairbows, bowbands, and hats.
All of these range from $2 - $5.
{What a great deal!}
The bowbands & flower bows are $5.
The hats are $12 with a bow.
Email if interested in any of them!
{These first zebra ones are my absolute fav, and can come in different colors if requested! :)