Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updated Price List

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday! I love this time of year, and I can't believe that Christmas is so close!!! Here are some updated pictures of a few recent items I've made, and an updated price list!
Tutus: $15
Hairbow Holders: $15
Princess Hairbows: $8
Large Bows: $4
Medium Bows: $3
Small Bows: $2
All Christmas bows that I have left in stock are Buy 1 Get 1 Free!: $3


  1. I love that tutu! I might have to get one for Alana!

  2. Hey! I just was looking up drum cupcakes, because I wanted to make them for a birthday suprise for the boy I nanny for. I found a friend of yours had a blog & picture linked to you. I Was wondering if you could help me with how you made them? Second when I was reading about you, I was so exicited one because I have served in youth ministry for ten years and two because I just moved to Charleston to be apart of River Church. And we love Seacoast. Anyways... this is so random, but if you read this today I would love to know about the cupcakes. Also... I would love to meet with you, your website is awesome and I feel like we might just have a few things in common. I think I met your sis in law this past Sunday actully. Anyways.. my email is & if you go to our website you can see me there! Thanks! Nikki