Thursday, September 24, 2009

How cute is this?

I just thought that I would display one of my hair bow holders that I made recently for a friend of mine who just had a sweet little girl, Jade. I added some bows on it to show you how you can display your little one's hair accessories in her room! I do all of these by custom order and are $12.

Different sizes & shapes are available, I have square, rectangle, oval, and other pretty shapes that I can custom paint initials, names, or quotes on them! Also, I can put 2 ribbons hanging on most of them, and on some shapes (a horizontal oval) I can put three hanging ribbons to hold more bows!!!

To order just email Hilary at

If you are one of my first 5 customers to order a hair bow holder I will give you two free bows to start off your collection on your hair bow holder for your sweet little one!!!

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